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Aerospace Coatings

The PhotoFusion process brings many advantages to the aerospace sector including key improvements and innovations in durability. These include UV resistance, labor cost reduction, coatings removal, robotic placarding and logo application, anti-icing, superhydrophobic coatings application , and a dramatic increase in processing speed by the elimination of drying time and masking which represents 60% of the cost of aircraft refinishing.

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Automotive Graphics

Laser applied powder coatings are not only fast but they are very durable and come in a wide range of colors. Rapidly change colors to suit your mood even if you are not a chameleon. Drop your car off by 9:00 AM and pick it up in time for dinner with someone special. Imagine coatings so fast and affordable you can change them to suit your mood. Moreover laser systems can remove previous coatings efficiently and can be fully automated to eliminate much of the labor cost incurred with automotive refinishing. Laser applied powder coatings need no masking as any uncured powder is simply blown off the surface to be recycled. Better for you and the environment as laser applied powder coatings contain no solvents; therefore no VOCs or HAPs to deal with so they can be applied in restrictive air quality zones without the need for expensive scrubbers.

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Petrochemical Industry

The coatings requirement in the petrochemical sector is particularly demanding. Coatings are selected not only to fulfill  harsh operational objectives and safety but to protect and preserve the natural environment as well. The PhotoFusion system offers key advantages in the application of fluoropolymers used in petrochemical processing heretofore thought as impossible. These applications include coating thicknesses in excess of 2mm thick and in situ (mobile) applications and repairs. 

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Interlaminar Conductive Coatings

Bring a new dimension of  design into your structures with our patent pending Interlaminar Conductive Coatings. The  integration of electronic circuits and sensors can now be applied  selectively between coating layers .This gives coating applications a whole new ability that monitor and sense integrity failures on critical systems and equipment.

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3d Painting

If you’ve ever wanted to painted an object with the kind of accuracy you would find in a 3d printer, it is now possible with a new technique developed by PhotoFusion. Objects of various sizes and shapes can be colored without the need of building the object with a 3d printing system. 3d painting stations can be made for desktop environments to industrial robotics. Objects can vary from finely crafted miniatures or pottery to doors or interior walls. These types of high resolution graphics can be applied over structures with complex surface geometry.

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Aerospace Coatings

The aviation industry is a prime example of high standards and innovation transporting people and goods across the world in massive numbers. Various companies lease planes from small private planes to large commercial jets. All of which need protective coatings for function or for decorative use.

With PhotoFusion, the amount of time savings using our techniques will optimize costs down to the bottom line enabling short down time for coating maintenance or entire paint jobs. We focus on the ability to optimize the use of labor by eliminating time consuming tasks such as masking and the guess work for alignment and application of graphical features. Another point of focus is the ability for the coating medium to dry instantly cutting out the wait time necessary for traditional solvent based paints which release high amounts of VOCs and HAPs in their drying process.

Along with the benefits of time, labor, and low emissions come extra features our process facilitates such as de-icing and hydrophobic coatings.

With time and labor reduced, airline companies can see tremendous savings, reduced down time, additional function, and an overall emission reduction to a cleaner process.

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Automotive Graphics

The automotive industry is the method of choice when it comes to everyday transportation. Millions of cars exist to fit everyone’s particular need whether it is delivery, mass transit, or even personal vehicles. While most vehicles are painted with a stock color, there are many vehicles that utilize the design of their car to represent their company, their affiliations, or their personal style.

With traditional methods, such as spray coatings and vinyl wraps, graphical solutions can be applied but have disadvantages that are difficult to overcome. With spray coatings, the application of paint must involve extensive masking along with the requirement of a high degree of skill from the operator. Also spray coatings lose much of their volume due to evaporation of their solvents leading to high emissions of VOCs and HAPs. Vinyl wraps require seamless application and careful handling of expensive material which must require special care to prevent severe damage that can affect large sections of wrap at a time. Further to this, the application process is prohibitively expensive leading to several thousands of dollars for a single application.

With PhotoFusion’s technology, application of individual colors allows for a broad selection of visual designs on the surface of any vehicle. This makes for a system that would be able to truly personalize the look of your car how you want it. You can find applications such as large scale advertising on delivery trucks to personalized designs to represent your company.

When choosing PhotoFusion’s technology, you get the benefit of a durable coat, cost savings with reduced labor and materials, and the ability to apply graphics to your liking. Using our process you will be able to directly apply color coatings without any masking and a high degree complexity can be achieved using careful composition of color components.

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Petrochemical Industry

In petrochemical processes, harsh materials are constantly being routed to several destinations via pipelines and transport containers. When they reach their destination they are often stored in containers ready for processing. Linings for these vessels come in many types according to the material to be transported. It becomes a large problem if any walls become contaminated as corrosion will eventually compromise the integrity of the transport vessel leading to catastrophic damage.

Many operations are limited to hard rubbers for lining as the more resistant coatings are difficult to apply in the field. These coatings have other advantages as well such as low permeability, high temperature tolerance, and higher durability. The main disadvantage is that most of these materials must be applied with the use of an oven to bring the surfaces to a suitable melt flow temperature.

With technology from PhotoFusion, the requirement of an oven is no longer necessary. Being able to cure in the field using a patented feedback system, temperature can be reached and maintained indefinitely to provide coatings of superior quality at high thicknesses.

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Interlaminar Conductive Coatings

Circuits have become part of our everyday life. With the invention of the integrated circuit, electronics have found their way in many applications for monitoring and entertainment providing an overall increase in quality of life. When further improvements are realized the ability to integrate becomes more sophisticated allowing for more avenues to find solutions to complex problems.

With PhotoFusion, we are in development of a process to allow a new way of layering conductive materials into a multi-laminate coating to facilitate the creation of circuits. It will open opportunities for seamless integration into monitoring processes, or even provide a methodology to integrate circuits onto flexible substrates.

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3d Painting

Painting is a process that requires skill and expertise in order to correctly translate the intended image onto a particular surface. This is made even more difficult when the surface is something like a complex figurine. Whether a paintbrush or airbrush is used, the process can be time consuming and can involve a high degree of uncertainty.

In many cases the importance of the object can vary from being an important product prototype, to being a gift for your significant other, or a toy for your cherished child. Many of which cannot fail in the process of painting.

With PhotoFusion a technique has been developed allowing for this process to be streamlined for users to reduce the skill level necessary to reproduce the look you want on whatever object you want. With the assistance of image processing and clever usage of lasers, anyone of ordinary skill can transfer images directly from their camera or computer. Graphics and image applications can now be executed as easy as printing on paper with impressive results.

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