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Petrochemical Industry

In petrochemical processes, harsh materials are constantly being routed to several destinations via pipelines and transport containers. When they reach their destination they are often stored in containers ready for processing. Linings for these vessels come in many types according to the material to be transported. It becomes a large problem if any walls become contaminated as corrosion will eventually compromise the integrity of the transport vessel leading to catastrophic damage.

Many operations are limited to hard rubbers for lining as the more resistant coatings are difficult to apply in the field. These coatings have other advantages as well such as low permeability, high temperature tolerance, and higher durability. The main disadvantage is that most of these materials must be applied with the use of an oven to bring the surfaces to a suitable melt flow temperature.

With technology from PhotoFusion, the requirement of an oven is no longer necessary. Being able to cure in the field using a patented feedback system, temperature can be reached and maintained indefinitely to provide coatings of superior quality at high thicknesses.

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