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Aerospace Coatings

The aviation industry is a prime example of high standards and innovation transporting people and goods across the world in massive numbers. Various companies lease planes from small private planes to large commercial jets. All of which need protective coatings for function or for decorative use.

With PhotoFusion, the amount of time savings using our techniques will optimize costs down to the bottom line enabling short down time for coating maintenance or entire paint jobs. We focus on the ability to optimize the use of labor by eliminating time consuming tasks such as masking and the guess work for alignment and application of graphical features. Another point of focus is the ability for the coating medium to dry instantly cutting out the wait time necessary for traditional solvent based paints which release high amounts of VOCs and HAPs in their drying process.

Along with the benefits of time, labor, and low emissions come extra features our process facilitates such as de-icing and hydrophobic coatings.

With time and labor reduced, airline companies can see tremendous savings, reduced down time, additional function, and an overall emission reduction to a cleaner process.

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