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3d Painting

Painting is a process that requires skill and expertise in order to correctly translate the intended image onto a particular surface. This is made even more difficult when the surface is something like a complex figurine. Whether a paintbrush or airbrush is used, the process can be time consuming and can involve a high degree of uncertainty.

In many cases the importance of the object can vary from being an important product prototype, to being a gift for your significant other, or a toy for your cherished child. Many of which cannot fail in the process of painting.

With PhotoFusion a technique has been developed allowing for this process to be streamlined for users to reduce the skill level necessary to reproduce the look you want on whatever object you want. With the assistance of image processing and clever usage of lasers, anyone of ordinary skill can transfer images directly from their camera or computer. Graphics and image applications can now be executed as easy as printing on paper with impressive results.

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