Current Goals And Opportunities

Automotive and Laser Workstations


Many opportunities can be realized with Photofusion’s laser technology. With a focus on some low risk entry markets, we can grow our customer base, gain a reputation of excellence, and establish ourselves as an authority in laser applications.

Two industries in particular we are entering are the automotive and laser workstation industries.

With the automotive industry, our graphics application technology can be readily implemented with quick realizable results. We have teamed up with local application experts providing a sustainable business model to allow us to introduce our technology into the market.

In the laser workstation industry our process could provide an additive solution to a market operating traditionally in subtractive technologies. With an additive solution graphics can be applied to manufacturer’s specification with a variety of color. This will impart current workstations with an increase in utility allowing manufacturers to truly customize their products and differentiate themselves in their markets.

With concurrent focus on automotive and laser workstations, we can provide a new paradigm shift to guide the industry into the next level of innovation.