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Automotive Graphics

The automotive industry is the method of choice when it comes to everyday transportation. Millions of cars exist to fit everyone’s particular need whether it is delivery, mass transit, or even personal vehicles. While most vehicles are painted with a stock color, there are many vehicles that utilize the design of their car to represent their company, their affiliations, or their personal style.

With traditional methods, such as spray coatings and vinyl wraps, graphical solutions can be applied but have disadvantages that are difficult to overcome. With spray coatings, the application of paint must involve extensive masking along with the requirement of a high degree of skill from the operator. Also spray coatings lose much of their volume due to evaporation of their solvents leading to high emissions of VOCs and HAPs. Vinyl wraps require seamless application and careful handling of expensive material which must require special care to prevent severe damage that can affect large sections of wrap at a time. Further to this, the application process is prohibitively expensive leading to several thousands of dollars for a single application.

With PhotoFusion’s technology, application of individual colors allows for a broad selection of visual designs on the surface of any vehicle. This makes for a system that would be able to truly personalize the look of your car how you want it. You can find applications such as large scale advertising on delivery trucks to personalized designs to represent your company.

When choosing PhotoFusion’s technology, you get the benefit of a durable coat, cost savings with reduced labor and materials, and the ability to apply graphics to your liking. Using our process you will be able to directly apply color coatings without any masking and a high degree complexity can be achieved using careful composition of color components.

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