About Us

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It all started when…

an inventor named Mark Poullos had an idea.

Using an FEP filled automotive polish for cars he produced a high gloss shine that was durable and resistant to dirt. Mr. Poullos had researched many ways to apply several different coatings. Through trials and improvements, he had found a new method of applying thermoplastic materials onto surfaces to impart the surfaces with desirable properties of the materials. This method was perfected through laser technology.

After experimenting with differing methodologies, Mark had submitted his technology to obtain a Eureka grant which allowed him to perform further research and investigation into the application of these special materials with lasers.

Mark had spent the next several years developing additional applications in Europe utilizing laser technologies, while working with companies such as Ferranti Laser and Electrox. After managing to secure further investment he was able to establish a company which would become PhotoFusion. A company that would make strides and bring about the development of surface engineering enhancements with lasers. PhotoFusion now provides the industry with superior methods to enhance surface properties.

A decision was made to move the company back to the United States where Mark had established a research facility in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. At the time, PhotoFusion’s laser technology was not yet ready for adoption as issues of size, cost, complexity, and efficiency were still needing improvement in the laser industry.

Given time, laser technology had developed to the point where lasers had become ubiquitous in all industries. Increased efficiencies in laser performance filled previous inadequacies. As the technology has evolved it has become more adaptable and compact in much the same way as other technologies such as phones and computers. With these improvements Mark and his team were able to develop a laser system that would be able to interface with modern robotic systems, and provide a laser configuration that is adaptable to many types of applications.

With our current focus on Automotive and Laser Workstations, PhotoFusion will be on the frontier of innovation in leading edge technologies.