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The Science of Surface Engineering

Coatings are more than just skin deep.

Surface engineering is the sub-discipline of material science which deals with the surface of solid matter. It has applications in chemistry, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. These coatings are not only multi-functional but can be manipulated and constructed with precision features that enable novel properties in specific markets.

  • Aerodynamic drag reduction

  • Hydrophobic

  • Embedded electrically conductive channels

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Surface topology modification

PhotoFusion has taken the Science of surface engineering to a whole new level with laser applied coatings. Laser applied coatings are on the cutting edge of coatings technology. With laser precision you can take advantage of quick curing of powder coating materials on complex geometry in the field to achieve these properties. This is accomplished without the necessity of legacy oven equipment.You can now process coatings on site where the job demands, whether it is applied at your facility or off site without size restriction. Best of all, the PhotoFusion process is an environmentally green technology free of VOC's and HAP's.


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MY NAME IS Mark poullos

I have been working in the laser industry for 33 years evolving with laser technologies from CO2 to Fiber. I've worked with lasers from most of the largest manufacturers of industrial laser equipment such as Coherent-Rofin, Ferranti, Electrox and others. I know what works and what doesn't for what material and what application. I am the innovative expert this industry needs.

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